DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament

Ombre is a home design trend that I love. 
If you aren’t familiar with the term, ‘Ombre’ refers to a color gradient that progresses from lightest to darkest.
Like you see on a paint chip!
Which is what inspired me to make this easy inexpensive DIY Ombre Paint Chip Ornament! This is a fabulous gift idea and present topper idea too!.
Use those paint chips that you’ve collected and saved ….
…Repurpose your old, dated ornaments or use ornaments that are on sale at the end of the year!
DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament from Setting for Four #Christmas #DIY #Tutorial #Ombre #Ornament

Update!! Check out the Youtube video of this DIY Ombre Ornament tutorial demonstration on my blog here!!



  • Paint chips
  • Ornaments (this is a great project to use ornaments that have colors or designs you no longer are in love with, or dollar store ornaments will work perfectly too!)
  • 1 inch circle punch
  • Silver colored craft paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thick Silver thread
  • Scissors



  • Paint cap of Ornament and around top of ornament with silver colored craft paint.   I used some dark blue ornaments I had already, that had gold caps.
DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament from Setting for Four #Christmas #DIY #Tutorial #Ombre #Ornament
  • Using a 1 inch circle punch, punch out several circles of each color on the color chip. My paint chips have 5 colors which creates a nice ombre design.
  • Take one circle of the darkest color and glue onto the bottom of the ornament.
DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament from Setting for Four #Christmas #DIY #Tutorial #Ombre #Ornament
  • Using circles of this same dark color, hot glue them onto ornament, overlapping each circle. Create one band of this color.  It will look a bit messy at this point, but don’t worry you will be covering up the hot glue parts!
DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament from Setting for Four #Christmas #DIY #Tutorial #Ombre #Ornament
  • Using second darkest color hot glue circles onto ornament overlapping each circle so that the previous layer is somewhat covered.  Create one band of this color.
  • Continue gluing the circles onto the ornament making one band in each color until the entire ornament is covered.
  • Cut an 8 inch long piece of thick silver thread and tie onto ornament to hang.
DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament from Setting for Four #Christmas #DIY #Tutorial #Ombre #Ornament
Hang and enjoy!
DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament from Setting for Four #Christmas #DIY #Tutorial #Ombre #Ornament
I love how the circle shapes create subtle gradations of color from light to dark.
To personalize this ornament for your home use paint chip colors that coordinate with your Christmas décor!
DIY Ombre Christmas Ornament from Setting for Four #Christmas #DIY #Tutorial #Ombre #Ornament
These are so much fun to make! They will add a pop of color as well as a fresh look to your space for the holidays.
So now you know how much I love Ombre! What do you think about this design trend?
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  1. says

    Hi visiting from Social Fabric. I have been so busy with a wedding I am just getting caught up in the forums. Nice to meet you! I added you to Google+ & twitter, FB.. I am torn between blue & a forest theme this year. I love changing it up in simple ways, yet using things I already have. What a clever way to change up a bulb! Feel free to drop by anytime I am at

  2. says

    I love ombre! I tried to paint my craft room walls with an ombre effect, but it was just too hard and I gave up. These ombre ornaments are MUCH easier to make, look SO cool!

    Another fun & easy ornament project is glitter balls – I was totally addicted to making them last year!

  3. says

    Wow, I love this ornament. This would be a great project for one of the ornaments where the paint is starting to come off. Genius! Thanks for sharing on the homemade holiday party.


  4. says

    Heather I love a good ombre project and this is a great one! I’ve enjoyed the trend in ombre, but seldom find a use for it in my home because it requires way to much thought in the color degradation and I’m too lazy to figure it out!!! I love your ornament because it’s a good way to get a little ombre without overload. So did you make a whole set of these for your tree?

  5. Katie says

    Hi Heather! This is such an awesome craft! About how many circles did you need of one color to get around the middle part? The paint chips I had (which yielded 6 1″ circles) did not nearly make it around! Thank you.


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