Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

Pin ItBokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography


Best wishes for lots of success, happiness and fun adventures for 2013!!

Bokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography

As we all ring in the New Year and make New Year’s resolutions…

…whether it be: to be more organized or maybe learn something new…

…not only is it important to strive to be ‘better’ in some way…

it’s also important to remember to enjoy the things in life that are already there, that sometimes we don’t need to try and ‘be out front’…..

Bokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography

… we need to enjoy the things that are in the ‘background’ of our lives….

…the parts of life that are there day-to-day….

Like our family, our children, our pets, our home,

what we achieve on a daily basis….

Bokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography

Sometimes the best surprises in life come to us not from striving to create something new, or be something new…..they come to us from the ‘background’ of life, when we see what was already there.

… so take a step back, celebrate and enjoy you and what you already have accomplished!

Bokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography

This lesson hit me right smack on the head a week ago when I was looking through some pictures that I had taken for a post I wrote last January….

You see, for the whole month of December I was determined to learn how to take Bokeh pictures; those uber-cool pictures of blurry lights (like in the pictures in this post above)…

I researched it, I googled it, I asked friends for tips…I changed my lens, changed my camera settings and played and played to finally get this picture:

I was so proud that I finally accomplished this photography technique!Bokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography

But funnily enough, as I was looking at an old photo,

I looked in the background and noticed to my amazement that in spite of all of my hard efforts, time and research to conquer Bokeh in December….

Light bulb   I had already taken Bokeh pictures,

in January 2012 and didn’t even know it!! Light bulb

Look in the background!

Wow!  Are you kidding me??:Bokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography

With some cropping, I have this:Bokeh from Setting for Four #bokeh #photography

How cool!!

Then it really hit me, as we begin a new year, that even though we try hard to accomplish something new, sometimes we just need to take a look at what we have around us to celebrate and appreciate…..

…and that sometimes in spite of reaching, striving, wishing and hoping….

…the best things in life already are there…

‘in the background’!!

* * * *

……Happy New Year!!……

~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. says

    Happy New Year my friend!!! Love your Bokeh, that was a technique I was striving for in December and I got some really great shots. My family thought I had lost it, but we all had some really great laughs over it. All I can say is thank goodness for digital or I would have went to the poor house wondering if I got that perfect shot.

  2. says

    In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says something about when you look for happiness, don’t forget to look in your own back yard. I think this is a good reminder to be grateful for what we have. Thank you for sharing. By the way, your bokeh rocks. :o)

  3. says

    Thanks for the reminder to look back from where you came. Love the story on taking bokeh pictures. It’s like shopping everywhere for a beautiful blue scarf only to find the perfect one in the bottom of the dresser drawer. {I did that}

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