DIY Coasters

 I love drink coasters and who doesn’t need some new ones?

DIY Coasters:
Custom DIY Coaster Tutorial from Setting for Four #coaster #custom #diy #personalized #diy #modpodge #tutorial

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Most of the tutorials I have seen are for tile coasters, using tiles found at Home Depot or Lowes. Although I went to Lowes and took a look, I just didn’t like the size – I found them to be a bit too big. 
However, I found these coasters at the Dollar Store.  What’s great about using these instead of tiles is that they already come backed with cork, so you don’t have to add anything to protect your tables.  It’s already done!

Tile for DIY Coaster Tutorial from Setting for Four #dollar #tile #coaster #diy
Tile for DIY Coaster Tutorial from Setting for Four #dollar #tile #coaster #diy
Scrapbooking Paper – Michaels, 99 cents.  This paper has the added bonus of reversing to a different pattern, so you can alternate the colors of your coasters to make a set that looks beautiful together.  But for this project I just used the script side.
Script Scrapbook Paper from Setting for Four #paper
Script Scrapbook Paper from Setting for Four #paper
Script Scrapbook Paper from Setting for Four #paper
Coaster – Dollar store, $1.00 each. (More expensive than Lowes 20 cent tiles, but as I mentioned, the Dollar store’s are already backed with cork.)
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Custom Coaster Tutorial:
Measure your coaster and cut out a piece of scrapbooking paper to size.
Apply Mod Podge to back of paper and apply to coaster. 
Press firmly to ensure there are no bubbles and all edges are glued down.
Apply one or two layers of polyurethane to seal.
You are done….Enjoy!
Personalized Coasters
DIY Drink Coasters from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #drink #coaster #paper
I love these drink coasters and have put them to good use.  They are great to put under my new mugs that I bought at Target:
DIY Cup Cozy Tutorial from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #cup #mug #cozy #knit
….If you love this script scrapbook paper that I used to make these coasters then check out my…..
DIY Sunburst Mirror from Setting for Four #mirror #sunburst #duy #tutorial #craft #mod podge
See my DIY Project Gallery and Tutorials for more DIY inspiration!

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  1. says

    I found a box full of tiles at Salvation Army several months ago that I haven’t done anything with. My plan was to use them for coasters, but I didn’t know what I wanted to put on them. I think I do now! Thanks for the inspiration!!! And your cup cozy is adorable!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    Love the coasters. I wonder if Pottery Barn will be knocking those off from Setting for Four? And, why wouldn’t I expect your cup cozy to be well accessorized? I can’t wait to see that tutorial!

    amy @

  3. says

    These look awesome, Heather! I love the very subtle paper that you chose (My Mind’s Eye paper is always gorgeous – it’s what I used for my clock makeover). I will definitely be checking to see if my Dollar stores carry any cork-backed coasters that are looking for a little TLC :)

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    Claire @

  4. says

    Great project! I keep saying I’m going to make a set of these too, then I don’t. But you’ve made it look so easy. . . Thanks!
    P.S. love the button cup cozy, too!

  5. says

    I adore anything script and these are AWESOME!!! Thanks for coming up with a super simple way to do it…I think I have that exact scrapbook paper in my drawer too! Crazy!

  6. says

    How easy, cheap and adorable! I love the script paper you chose. Thanks for sharing on Show Off Saturday. Can’t wait to see how you made that cozy!


  7. says

    Visiting from Too Much Time On My Hands… Love those coasters! Very cute! I can’t wait to see how you made the cozy! That’s awesome!

  8. says

    The paper you used for these is so pretty. Did you use polyurethane on yours? I would think Mod Podge would disolve or get sticky if any hot drink got onto it? Anyway, your coasters are beautiful!


  9. says

    I love your coasters. I have been wanting to do this forever but just haven’t gotten to it. Thanks for sharing on Blog Stalking Thursday!

  10. says

    These are fantastic! Had to share them on our FB page! Thanks for linking up to the RRR transformation party!

    Whitney – The Rooster and The Hen

  11. says

    Love these and I love the idea of reusing other coasters. Do you find they stick together? I made some with outdoor modpodge and then put the modpodge sealant on them also but they still seem to want to stick together some. Just looking for a solution.

  12. says

    OMG, how cute are those? I love the cup cozy and cannot wait for that tutorial as well. I am a first time visitor from Twigg Studios and I plan to subscribe pronto. . . fantastic blog!

  13. says

    I have some tiles that have been sitting around for a year and I haven’t been able to turn them into coasters because I keep forgetting to buy cork for the backs. I think I might do something else with those tiles and look for the same ones you got at the dollar store. So much easier. I’m all about quick and easy crafts lately.
    I’m a new follower. I hope you can return the favor.

  14. says

    Wow, I really love your projects so much. You are just making my day with these cool coasters. Need to make the backyard more grown up. Kids toys have taken over!

    Hugs, Tanya

  15. says


    That is great to know that the ones at the Dollar Store have the cork on the back. With so many paper options the possibilities for this project are endless, great job! Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Gallery party!


  16. says

    Really pretty. They would also make great “I just dropped by guest” Christmas gifts or I was thinking about you gifts or for a teacher, they need something to sit all those coffee cups on. lol

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