Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Easy Way to Clean an Oven Range Hood – from Grime to Shine!

Hello everyone!

Remember on Monday when I was discussing the ‘January Cure’ and the fun new organizing and cleaning challenge I’m taking this month with Apartment Therapy?

One of the first challenges was to clean the floors for a clean start to the new year…and when I was in the kitchen cleaning I noticed that my oven range hood was super dirty!

I used my easy fast cleaning method to get it sparkling clean and I’m passing it on to you today!

Easy fast cleaning tip to clean an oven range hood

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I’ve wiped down our range hood many times before with a soapy cloth but when I started looking at it this week I noticed this….

How to Clean Grease and Grime on a Range Hood

..and this…

How to Make a Stainless Steel Range Hood Sparkling Clean

..and this! Gross!

It's easy to clean your Range Hood!

Because I’m always trying to find ways to clean the easy and fast way I thought I’d share with you how I got my oven range hood sparkling clean in 10 minutes flat!

The secret cleaning ingredient is this:

Use Nail Polish Remover to Clean an Oven Range Hood

Nail polish remover… otherwise known as acetone!!

I just put the nail polish remover on some cotton pads and wiped! First I tested a small spot on my oven hood to make sure the finish wasn’t harmed, be sure you do that first!!

I couldn’t believe all the dirt, grease and grime that came off!

The acetone in the nail polish remover is a solvent that dissolves organic substances like grease and grime and it’s inexpensive! It only took a small amount to clean the entire range hood!

I was shocked at just how dirty the oven range hood was!

Remove grease and dirt easily from a range hood 

…in just 10 minutes I was done!

Sparkling Clean Range Hood

..and now my oven hood is sparkling clean!  Look at how clean and shiny the stainless steel looks now!

How to Clean a Range Hood the easy way

Here’s a before and after: Grim to Shine!
Easy fast cleaning tip to clean an oven range hood
I hope you enjoyed my cleaning tip!
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  1. Have you tried Simple Green? It is the best de-greaser I have found and works anywhere, including laundry grime. They also have cleaners and polishes for stone, like granites, etc. I am never without it.

  2. Good to know! Thanks for sharing, I plan on trying this!


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