The Best, Easiest Way to Clean Your Toothbrush – Cleaning Tip

We all know that toothbrushes and spinbrushes are a breeding ground for bacteria; but sometimes we just focus on cleaning our teeth and forget about cleaning our brush too!

How to Clean Your Toothbrush – the Best and Easiest Cleaning Tip:

Get fewer colds and avoid the flu and germs! The Best, Easiest Way to Clean Your Toothbrush. Great hygiene tips to teach the kids!

Cleaning your toothbrush is important for the health of your whole family and a good lesson to teach your kiddos, the sooner the better!

Remember, when you use an unclean toothbrush, your brushing your teeth with all of those germs that are hanging out in the bristles!  Gross!

These germs can be nasty; causing seasonal viruses, flu and the common cold! Who needs that? No-one! 

(…and let’s not forget, these germs can also cause the dreaded debilitating disease: the ‘Man-Cold’ as well!!  Insert eye-roll here!!Eye rolling smile

….Haha – just kidding! Winking smile

However here are some quick and easy tips to keep your toothbrush clean and be a germ-buster!

How to Clean Your SpinbBrush from Setting for Four #clean #tip #spinbrush #germ

The Best, Easiest Way to Clean Your Toothbrush:

Step 1:  Before brushing your teeth wash your hands with warm water and soap.  This will help prevent transmitting bacteria from your hands to your toothbrush…This is a really good tip to remind your kiddos!!!

Toothbrush Cleaning Tip starts with Clean hands from Setting for Four #spinbrush #toohtbrush #cleaning #tip

Step 2:  Before you brush your teeth run the bristles under hot running water and rub with your thumb to loosen any food particles (gross!).  Do this again after brushing your teeth as well.

How to Clean your toothbrush from Setting for Four #cleaning #tip #toothbrush #spinbrush

Step 3:  After brushing your teeth, sanitize the bristles by placing the toothbrush head in a cup of mouthwash (you only need to cover the bristles) for 30 seconds…swish the brush back and forth a few times and remove.  Throw out the mouthwash and rinse the cup in hot water.  It’s a good idea to do this daily especially if you have been sick.

Mouthwash toothbrush cleaning tip from Setting for Four #spinbrush #toothbrush #mouthwash #tip

Step 4: Store your brush where it can air dry.  Remember to wash the toothbrush handle with soap and water regularly too!

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro Clean

How to clean your toothbrush from Setting for Four #cleaning #tip #trick #toothbrush

Also your toothbrush or spinbrush head should be replaced every 3 months due to wear and tear!

Now you have a clean toothbrush!

*…and now you are an official Germ Buster!*

Clean your toothbrush - I'm a germ buster from Setting for Four #germ #toothbrush #cleaning #tip  

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  1. says

    Since I have a terrible cold right now, I was thinking about throwing out my toothbrush the moment I started feeling better, so when I saw your heading on a linky party, I knew I’d better read it. I hadn’t thought of the first three steps before. Sad. And Gross. Thanks. I will teach my boys these steps too.

  2. says

    Super tips Heather, I need to teach my boys this for sure. Totally laughed at your “man cold” comment…I have a c-section and walk the county fair two weeks later, he gets a sniffle and has to be doted upon constantly! {geesh}

  3. says

    Man cold, lol. I’m going to be gross and admit that I have never cleaned my toothbrush. I even let my kids use it when I can’t find theirs (which is often). This sounds so easy though, I was expecting a much more labor intensive process. I might even be able to remember to do it once a month or so, lol.

  4. says

    Thanks for the tips! Didn’t even think of putting the toothbrushes in mouthwash (yes, I did do an eyeroll re the “man cold”–our household just experienced one!).

  5. says

    I always spray my toothbrush with peroxide before I use it. I feel it is good for my gums and whitens my teeth. I rinse it in warm water and put the toothpaste on then spray. When done I rinse the brush in warm water again.

  6. says

    I’m convinced it was the toothbrushes and toothpaste that let us share strep like it was our job when we were little. No one ever thinks about the toothbrush! And what abut the toothpaste everyone shrares?

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