Friday, August 31, 2012

Today we are picking up our son from Officer Cadet Training!

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Today is a wonderful, exciting day!

Our son has finished Officer Cadet Military Training today and we are picking him up to bring him home for the long weekend!  He has been away at training for the past 5 weeks and I can't wait to see him!

It was so hard to see him leave home this July for cadet training, to realize he will never live at home again.    Its so hard to raise a child for 18 years, then one day they leave to chase their dreams and they no longer live at home!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Decorating for Autumn: Inspiration from Home Magazines

I love Fall and decorating my home for the season!  Each year I like to get inspired by home decor magazines!! 
I combed through a my favorite home decor magazines and am excited to share these 4 beautiful fall decor ideas!
Beautiful Fall Decor Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors Setting for Four 
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Friday, August 24, 2012

My Kitchen Dilemma Was Answered by {Centsational Girl} !

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Have you ever had a decorating problem that you just couldn't figure out? 
You've scratched your head over and over and you just can't seem to find an answer to?  The problem is baffling and the space just bothers you every day?

You walk around in your home feeling like this....
And the problem is:

A room that has an awkward shape and you have difficulty arranging the furniture...
A wall with a light switch right in the middle of it and you need to place a big piece of furniture there....
A kitchen with a bazillion midtoned wood cabinets and a forest green wall color that needs updating?

Wow!  That last one is MY problem!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Niagara Falls - A Natural Wonder!

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Have you ever visited Niagara Falls?  Niagara Falls is the name for 3 waterfalls (the Horseshoe Falls,  the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls) that lie within the Ontario Canada and New York USA border. 

We visited 'the Falls' this summer when we drove from Chesapeake to Toronto to watch our son be inducted into the Army.  We've visited Niagara Falls many times but it never fails to impress!  Take a look to see why!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Post - Heather from {The Sewing Loft}

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Today my sweet friend, also named Heather (!), is here today to guest post for me and to share with us an adorable tutorial from her blog The Sewing Loft.

Here's Heather - isn't she beautiful?  She's just one of those people who's beautiful inside and out!!

Hi, I'm Heather. The creative voice behind the screen of The Sewing Loft. Where I share simple "how to" sewing projects that help keep you "reclaiming" your creativity, one stitch at a time!

The Sewing Loft
I am so excited to share with the Setting For Four fans my quick and easy flower clips today. This craft is super easy and a great way to use left over scraps.
flower clips by The Sewing Loft 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help Me Disguise a Wall Vent!

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I need your help!  Last week I posted Chapter 1: Our Move: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly where I showed you 'The Bad' damage we had to many of our furniture pieces, lamps and other belongings from our recent move.  I also blogged about 'The Good': The exterior of our beautiful new home!

Today's post is about 'The Ugly' know those things in a home that drive you nuts, that completely bug you and you ask:

Why did the builder put this light switch in the middle of the only non-window wall?  (I had that problem in a previous home!)

Or why did the previous homeowner actually choose a decorative Sante Fe/Aztec themed tile to place in the backsplash as a design feature?  (I also have this problem in our new home, which I will ask your help for in another post!)

Well today, my concern is this ugly wall vent.

This is 'The Ugly:

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Post: Summer from {Summer Scraps}

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Today my sweet bloggy buddy Summer from Summer Scraps is guest posting for me today!  I am so excited to introduce her amazing blog to you, please go over and say hello to her!  Today she is sharing with us her yummy Caramel Turtle Brownie recipe!  Oh my goodness - Brownie??  Caramel???  Pecans????  Sooooo yummy looking! 

So here is Summer!!


Hi Everyone!  I am Summer and I blog over at Summer Scraps.


I am so excited to be here at Setting for Four and to have the chance to share one of my posts with you.
I thought I would share my Caramel Turtle Brownie recipe because it is one of my favorites!  These brownies are so delicious you will not be able to stop at one!

Caramel Turtle Brownies

1 box of Devils Food Cake Mix
1 stick of butter or margarine
1 small can of evaporated milk
Pam cooking spray
Caramel – I use a bag of Kraft Caramel bits
1/2 cup to 1 cup of Chocolate Chips (depends on how chocolaty you want it) – I use milk, cuz I like really sweet stuff
Pecans, chopped (again just use as much as you like)

Preheat your oven at 350 degrees.  Spray a 13x9 inch cake pan with a spray like Pam.
 In a microwave proof bowl melt the stick of butter.  Once the butter is melted add in the cake mix and 1/3 cup of the evaporated milk. 
(The recipe says to use a Devils Food Cake Mix - my cousin tried using another cake mix and it didn't turn out as good)
 Stir together until everything is completely mixed.  The brownie mixture will be thick almost like a cookie dough.
Seperate the brownie dough in half.  Take half of the brownie dough and spread in your 13x9 inch pan and bake in the oven for 6 minutes.
While the brownies are baking begin making your caramel sauce.  In a medium sized stovetop pan pour in the package of caramel and 1/3 cup evaporated milk.
You could buy the squares of caramel and spend forever unwrapping them or buy these awesome caramel bits made by Kraft - I have only been able to find them at Walmart (if you know of somewhere else to get them please let me know)

For those of you that have not been able to find these caramels I actually found them on Amazon - I swear Amazon has everything!
Here they are out of the bag in the pan

Over a low heat slowly melt these two ingredients together, stirring often.  I don't worry if there are still a few chunks of caramel as it will melt when the brownies go back in the oven. 

Take the caramel off the stove so it doesn't overheat.  Now onto the baked brownies evenly spread out your chopped pecans and chocolate chips.

Then drizzle the caramel sauce all over until every last yummy drop is on the brownies.
Now we need to get the rest of the brownie dough on the top of the caramel sauce.  Do not attempt to just dump on the dough and spread it out - it won't work as the dough does not spread well and you will end up with a ooey gooey mess.  You have two options  Option 1:  Roll out the dough with your rolling pin and then transfer it to the top of your brownies. I have never done this so I am not sure how well this option works.  Option 2: You can take small pieces of dough and flatten them out with your fingers and place it on top of the caramel.  You will have a couple of holes but once baked you will not be able to tell (this is what I always do).  I flatten pieces like this

And spread it over the pan like this

Bake in the preheated 350 degree oven for 15 to 16 minutes.  Take out and let cool for several hours.  In a couple of hours it will still be ooey gooey.  4 to 5 hours it is firmer.

Once cooled enjoy, it is so yummy!

I actually like the brownies better on the second day.  They firm up a bit more and are not as ooey gooey but still so soft and yummy.

Go make these today, right now.... I mean it, you will not be dissapointed!

Oh and you can do some yummy variations - sometimes I use white and milk chocolate chips.  Or once I ommitted the carmal and did mint chips for mint brownies.  Yum!
Another yummy recipe I have over on my blog is my White Chocolate Strawberry Trifle.

I also like to share crafts with tutorial like my Pinwheel Tutorial

add brad

or Bloom where you are planted sign

I would love for you to come by and say Hi!  Thanks Heather for letting me stop by!

Thanks Again, Summer


Thanks so much Summer for sharing your terrific cooking skills with us!  This recipe looks so delish and thank you for sharing your crafty creativity with us too!  Head on over to Summer Scraps and give her some comment lovin'!!
Thank you SO much for coming by for a visit!

I love to hear all of your comments! Don't want to miss a post?

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Damaged Goods - Chapter 1 {The Bad} of "Our Move - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly"!

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This post is about damaged family's damaged goods from our recent move.

As you can tell by this post's title...this is Chapter 1 {The Bad} of Setting for Four's story of moving titled "Our Move - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!".  

Ok, now play the song below (this is an interactive post too!): 

I showed you some of {The Good} in this post here where I revealed pictures of the exterior of beautiful new home!

Today, I am sharing some of the damages we have found so far from our move from Virginia, an 870 mile (1400 km) this and thank your lucky stars that this summer you a) moved but didn't have the terrible movers and packers that we had or b) have not moved and haven't had to pull your belongings out of a box broken or dented, scuffed or scratched!

Here is the compiled list of damages so far:

1. Broken sectional sofa:  We watched as a big burly moving guy walked up to our sectional sofa, grabbed the side of one of the ends and flipped it completely in the air!  The legs lifted off the ground about a foot and then made a loud thump as it fell back onto the husband and I watched in horror and yelled 'STOP!'  But it was too late!  We asked him why he did that and his reply was "Well that's how you release the sectional pieces, they clip together and that's how you release the clip"....uhhh was he hoping for a summer Olympic gold medal in highest distance a sofa can be tossed?  Or a gold medal in the fastest rise of a nice military family's collective blood pressure?  So the result was that indeed the sectional pieces were separated....but the latch and clip system underneath was broken, as well as the wooden brace under the sofa!  Here are some pics of the damage:

It's hard to see, but the screws and metal latch were broken off the wooden brace that is inside the sofa, under the dust cover backing (pics are date stamped for our insurance claim - a tip for everyone, in order to document damage from a move)

Thankfully we had a nice local repairman come the other day to fix it.  He reattached the wooden brace and rescrewed the meal latch and bracket back my sectional actually fits together properly.

(This bright yellow wall will be painted....maybe a soft gray?)

2.  Antique dining hutch base dented and scratched.  Thank ya very much again lousy mover guys!

3.  Two Pottery Barn Hamilton Brass Table Lamps dented, scratched and one of the light switches was snapped off!  I really loved those lamps!  Of course they are discontinued and Pottery Barn does not make them anymore!  Grrrrrrrr.....

4. Two Buffet Table Lamps dented, scratched and one is cracked almost completely in half near the base.  I purchased these darlings at Homesense...Grrrrr, again.

All four of these table lamps were placed on their sides in one box with no paper wrapping and no bubble wrap, so they rolled around loose for 870 miles in a cardboard box.  And guess what?  When metal lamps are thrown in a box with no padding they break, become scratched and dented!  Wow, really???  Yes, dear sucky packer person, REALLY!!!!!


I will show you more of the damages we have discovered in an upcoming post, Chapter 2 {The Bad} ....stay tuned to see what other belongings have been destroyed or damaged so you can get the full story of "Our Move - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!"

So where's Clint Eastwood when you need him?  If he had taken on those packers/movers like he did the bad guys in those spaghetti westerns, I would bet "A Fist Full of Dollars' that we wouldn't have so much damage!!


Thank you SO much for coming by for a visit! I love to hear all of your comments!

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