Monday, July 30, 2012

Tips to Organize Your Home

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Today, I am still unpacking from our move....and our house looks like a hot mess of half upacked boxes, packing paper and every surface is covered.  Right now I am seriously disorganized!  So to get me in the mood to tackle more unpacking this week I thought I would do a round up of top organizational tips in Pinterestland:

Tip #1:
A tension rod used to hang spray bottles!  So clever!

 Tip #2
I love this!  Use kitchen cabinet organizers from Wallmart to store glass baking dishes!:

Tip #3:

Use PVC pipe to store curling irons and flat irons:

Tip #4 :

Put a towel bar on a door to store scarves:

Tip #5:

Use Plastic Containers from Wallmart to organize the pantry:

Hope you found a tip or two here to make your life more organized!  Do you use any of these organizational tips in your home?

Thank you SO much for coming by for a visit! I love to hear all of your comments!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gallery Wall Tuts & Tips {Guest Post: Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers}

Today I have some wonderful news!!  I'm very excited to have my friend Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers blog guest post here today while I am neck deep in our big move! 

Becca has been a wonderful and sweet friend whom I met at the start of my blogging adventure and lucky for me, we connected right away.  Her blog is full of Restoration Hardware knock-offs and trendy artwork, go quick and check out her blog....I garantee you will absolutelly drool over her inspirational DIY's!

Take it away Becca!:


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Hey there, Setting for Four readers! My name is Becca and I blog over at From Gardners 2 Bergers.

I was totally excited for the chance to share a post with you guys. Heather is the biggest sweetheart and, with her moving this week, I'm happy to fill in! I thought I'd share my gallery wall. It was a lot of fun to put together and includes a ton of DIY art projects.

My gallery wall is in my front entry way. I purchased all my frames in 1 fell swoop, from Ikea. They're mostly the famous Ribba with a few dark brown Fjallsta frames thrown in for contrast. Total, they cost less than $80.

Gallery walls are super popular  now {or maybe they always were?}-but the whole reason I did mine was this annoying thermostat. There it is, right in the middle of the wall. One big eye sore right there at eye level. I mean right smack dab in the middle of the wall, right where you may want to hang a large mirror with a wreath on it. Hmmf. No getting around that sucker. So instead of being angry at thermie, I embraced my thermie. I became one with it. You hear that? Embrace your thermies, people!
Planning the layout was rather arduous. First, I had to lay out all the frames on the sales floor at Ikea. Couldn't really tell which ones would work so I convinced my handsome husband we "needed them all". With a shrug and a hug, the frames were in the car {snug}!

Next I used this fantastic wall tutorial on Pinterest? Have you any of you checked this out? If you haven't, you should! It uses wax paper to help line up the frames and keep track of where the nails should be placed. So, I used that.

Well, no that's a lie- I saw the tip way after I started my wall. But I would use that, if I did one again! And you guys probably should!

I used the butcher paper you get free from Ikea -you know, the paper they let you take to protect your  breakables? Yeah? So I used that stuff to cut out out squares correlating with the frame sizes.

 Next, I hung those cutout papers on my wall. This makes it super easy to mark where the nail hole should be right on the paper. Go ahead and hammer the nail right through the paper, it's easy.
I don't know about you- but trying to hang a bunch of frames straight & level horizontal lines is one of my least favorite things to do. So the papers are worth the extra effort.


Once I'm all hung up, I use a level and some mounting putty to make sure none of the frames will shift when people walk by or when if you dust, hee, hee. Mounting putty is like 2 bucks, a little goes a long way, and it's reusable.

Ta da!
All the "art' was handmade and I blogged tutorials for each of them. So if you are curious, feel free to check out my many, many projects.
I was able to incorporate personal details for the hubs and for me, that makes all the difference. One of the many reasons I love DIY! Plus, I find that when I DIY, I AMSWM {Appreciate My Stuff Way More};-)
So here's the tally:
Apiary Sign made from salvaged wood, using a transfer technique-$0

Wood Grain Initial Blocks-$0 

 Typography Photo Art-$3.10 @Costco

Of course a frame for my arch nemesis new friend, Thermie.

Ampersand-$3 @Hobby Lobby

Rhino Map Art- $0

Happy Therm-y - Priceless

I love how the frames are mostly white, but the infusion of dark frames keeps your eye moving.

I hate to say it, but just as I finished the wall I began thinking of switching out a piece or two and making some new art! {Don 't tell Z.}  

Grand total for the project- $90.

If I had used frames I already owned, then the total would have been less than 10 bucks!!!

 Great totals for my frugal friends who're planning the same projects. Right?

I hope you guys will stop by my place and say "Hi!"

Thank you for taking some of your time to leave me a message!

If you're new to from Gardners 2 Bergers, WELCOME!


Thanks Becca for Guest Blogging today!  I am sure my readers will love this post!  Visit Becca and see more of her jaw-dropping tutorials at Gardners 2 Bergers!
Thank you SO much for coming by for a visit! I love to hear all of your comments!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

French Label Goodwill Tray Makeover

I picked up a wooden tray at Goodwill a few weeks ago that was screaming for a major makeover.

I knew it had lots of it is after a touch of French appeal!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Kids Craft - Rockin' Pipecleaner Photo Holder

Looking for an easy craft to make with your kiddos, grand kids or neices/nephews?  Here's a fun and almost-free craft to make with them this summer! 

Keep them busy making a DIY Pipecleaner Rockin' Photo Holder to hold their favorite photo, small piece of art, or drawing! 

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These will look amazing in your child's bedroom or playroom...they can display art or pictures of their friends, pets or family!


1 rock
1 pipecleaner - any color
Photo, artwork or drawing.
I also used some colorful stickers to make a sticker art version! (You will also need white paper to make the sticker art)


- Wrap one end of pipecleaner around rock once and twist to secure, leaving the other end of the pipecleaner sticking straight up.

- At the top end of the pipecleaner make a small spiral to hold the photo.

- Insert the photo into the spiral.

- If you are making the sticker art version, cut a circle out of white paper larger than the stickers.  Take 2 stickers and place each on the white paper to create 2 sided sticker art!

Here is one with a photo taken at the beach:

(You may have seen the Rockin' wire photo holder version I made in this tutorial.)

And this is the version made with some National Geographic Rainforest frog stickers:
( isn't this so cute??)

This is the reverse side:

Your kiddos will have tons of fun making these!  They are easy and quick to make, a perfect art project for the little ones who love to see quick results!  This kids craft also has the bonus of being almost free, so go ahead and have them make several to start a collection!

Do you think the kiddos in your life would have fun making these? 
Thank you SO much for coming by for a visit! I love to hear all of your comments!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm a Guest at From Gardners to Bergers!

I'm honored to be guest posting at From Gardners to Bergers today!! 

Becca is my dear bloggy buddy from Utah who has an incredible talent for knocking off Restoration Hardware decor and creating amazing DIY artwork.

 Here's a sneak peak of my DIY French Label Towel project featured on her blog today.  
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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Son Was Inducted Into The Military Last Week!

Hello everyone!  Last Wednesday my 18 year old son was inducted into the military, the army!

He was accepted into the armed forces 3 months ago into the Regular Officer Training Plan (4 years of full scholarship to military acadamy graduating with a Bachelor's degree, and starts receiving, at the end of this month, benefits and a salary too!).

He has been wearing a big huge grin ever since his induction!  Last Wednesday was his official swearing in ceremony, where he gave his oath of affirmation.  My hubby, being an active duty infantryman, was able to give him his affirmation and swear him in, it was a very exciting moment for us.  I am so proud of my men!

It truly is an amazing time as a mother when your children decide on their future career plans and get to the stage where they embark out on their own, on the path of their dreams!  It's such a fulfilling and rewarding moment as a see all those years of lessons, reassurances and little chats get bundled up in an eager and passionate young adult who is about to spread their wings and fly!

I thought on top of sharing this news with you, for fun I would give you a peek of the outfit I wore to the formal military induction ceremony.
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Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Dress: Calvin Klein
Necklace and Bracelets: Charlotte Russe
Nude Patent Pumps: Guess
Nude colored clutch: Designer Shoe Warehouse

The blazer fabric has a subtle sparkle and ruched sleeves, so pretty!  

Pale pink 3 strand necklace is a mix of 3 different beads.  Five matching bracelets combine the same beads plus 'pearls'.

Luv these nude patent leather pumps!  They look really high but have a platform sole bottom and are very easy to wear.... (and I am mostly a flip flop/ballet flat kinda girl!).  The clutch is faux ostrich thank goodness no ostriches were harmed making this clutch!!

This Calvin Klein dress is super comfy and has pretty pleats along the top and waist line....
(I also love these no slip hangers...I buy mine at TJ Maxx.)

I have worn this dress many times - it's really versatile and perfect for Virginia hot summers.  The blazer is great with jeans and tees too (I love wearing a blazer with jeans in the fall!).  The color of these pumps goes with's a staple dress shoe in my closet and I have gotten tons of compliments on them.


On another note I am in the process of moving this week!  We are moving north and we have bought a 'new to us' 10 year old home. (It's a two story, 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with a fully finished basement and a beautiful back yard!)

I will be busy packing and loading the moving truck this week and on Saturday we begin our drive to our new home across three states but have some fun posts planned for this week!

I can't wait to show pics of our new home to you!  We have plans for many exciting decorating updates to put our stamp on it and make it our very own Setting for Four nest!

Wish me lots of luck (and patience!) during our move this week!!
Thank you SO much for coming by for a visit! I love to hear all of your comments!

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