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Lamps with a Pop of Designer Color: Color Plus from Lamps Plus


Thank you Lamps Plus for sponsoring this post. Check out their gorgeous hand-crafted glass lamps in more than 60 designer colors!

I love beautiful table lamps don’t you?

Pin ItTable lamp vignette from Setting for Four #Table #Lamp #Decor #Design

Table lamps are not only functional lighting sources, in my mind they are the jewelry of room!  

Like these beauties from Lamps Plus in 60 + designer colors!

Color + Plus™ lamps in designer colors

Pin ItColor Plus hand-crafted glass lamps

Here are a few photos demonstrating the use of colored table lamps to add a punch of juicy color to a room:

Colorful Table Lamps

Lonny MagazineBetter Homes and Gardens, Decor Pad

Each of these colored table lamps completely transforms the space and offers a focal point as well!

So now you’ve seen the impact that colored table lamps have, but where do you find quality lamps that will fit your style/your space?

Lamps Plus is an online source for completely customizable table lamps!  It’s so easy!  Pick your base color and a shade color/pattern to coordinate.

Color Plus lamps

These beautiful lamps provide the following features:

  • Bases handcrafted by artisans in California
  • 60 + Designer lifestyle colors…
  • Crisp white or color coordinated shades

One of the things that really impressed me about this line is that the designer colors are coordinated to Sherwin Williams paint colors! 

For example, the lamp above coordinates with Sherwin Williams 6938 Synergy

Sherwin Williams Synergy SW 6938

How innovative is that?!!

So when decorating with these pretty lamps not only will you achieve a stunning pop of color in your space, you’ll also find inspiration for paint colors too!

Take a look at how I have used a white table lamp in my living room for ambient lighting:

This space is a place I like to read, watch TV, relax and chat with my friends over a cup of coffee so great lighting is key.

Table Lamp Vignette from Setting for Four #Lamp #Living #Room #Decor #Design

Now look at the difference this space would look with one of these Color + Plus™ lamps in designer colors!

Colorful Table Lamp

Beautiful and functional lighting is key for the holidays…Holiday house parties and board games with the family all require ambient lighting.  See how you can make your space extra special for the holidays with these stylish lamps!

                           Before:                                                    After:Before and After Colorful Lamp

                           Before:                                                   After:Before and After, Colorful Lamp

                            Before:                                                    After:Before and After, Colorful Lamp

                              Before:                                          After:Before and After, Colorful Lamp

It’s really amazing how creative you can be with these lamp bases and coordinating shades!

So release your inner designer and try Color + Plus™ lamps in designer colors to give your space a touch of on-trend style and presence!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective; the opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Wow, the different colors of lamps really make a big change in your living room!

  2. Great way to visualize how those colorful lamps add so much oomph!

    1. Thanks Kelly! They do add a gorgeous pop of color!

  3. I love the before/afters you showed -- totally make s a huge difference!

    1. Thanks Amy!! They are pretty lamps aren't they??

  4. That was fun! I feel my addiction to lamps getting worse as we speak! A different lamp for every season!

  5. I love the shape of these lamps and the colors are incredible!

    1. I love the shape of the base too, the colors just pop!

  6. That's so cool that they're coordinated with the paint colors! Don't you wish you could change out your lamps as quickly and easily as you changed the pics?

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. Oh yes, that would be perfect! I would be changing them out every month!

  7. I love that red lamp and how awesome is that you can customize the lamps that is perfect!

  8. That's like 50 shades of awesome right there! VERY cool! I like the green one the best I think! :)

  9. I love your before and after pictures!! Those lamps are so fun!!

  10. I love this lighting collection! So fun! And great photos, by the way.

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  11. LOVE the mix & matchability of these lamps :) Changing the color made the space so different ... what a cool idea!

  12. Wow, these all look fantastic, Heather! Great ideas!

  13. You know I do so love a bit of Umph!!! What fun!

  14. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

  15. I was attracted to the bright colors at first but now that I see that gray in a setting, I love that one as well. Pretty!

    1. Thanks Amy, all of the colors are pretty I agree! The shape of the base and shades are so lovely too!

  16. It's amazing to see the different lamp colors and how they change the whole look of the area ~ wow!

  17. I love how you compared the lamps before and after. What a difference for sure colored lamps can make. Nicely done :) Thanks for reminding me about that site!

    1. Thanks Jessica - I had so much fun creating these before and after shots! These lamps do make a big impact in a space!

  18. I think I am experiencing a serious case of lamp envy!

  19. How smart! What a great idea to cut and paste the new lamp possibilities into your space.


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