DIY Peacock Wreath

Today I have a big surprise!

Cynthia, from A Button Tufted Life, is here to share her holiday decorating tips and a stunning DIY Peacock Wreath!

DIY Peacock Wreath

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Hello everyone!  I love this time of year!

The food, entertaining, sitting by the fire to warm up after being outside in the snow…

Oh, and the Decorating!!

I LOVE the decorating!

So, I was very pleased when Heather asked me to guest post about holiday decor.

Let’s start with a few photos of my home decked out with a peacock inspired theme, then I will give you a few tips and tricks to get the look and a tutorial on how to start with an inexpensive wreath and turn it into a stunning custom piece.

Peacock Inspired Holiday Decor at Setting for Four

I wanted to use peacock feathers as a backdrop in my holiday decor because they add such beautiful colour and interest without breaking the bank. I used around 200 peacock feathers throughout the room.

They were added to the tree, mixed into the garland, topped gifts and decorated my mirror.

Peacock Holiday Giftwrapping Ideas at Setting for Four

You can see them on the gifts here as well as some very easy fabric roses made from silk remnants. If you would like to know how to make the roses here is the link.

Peacock Holiday Bannister Garland at Setting for Four

For the garland I used boxwood and added in the feathers, ornaments, white bows and those easy roses again but this time I made them from dark teal tissue paper, another way to add lots of impact for not a lot of expense. The extra tissue was then used for wrapping and filling some big crocks at the bottom of the stairs.

Mirror Decorated with Peacock Feathers at Setting for Four

I love how the lights from the tree reflect in the mirror. Notice the peacock feathers again.

Christmas decorated Living Room at Setting for Four

Setting the right mood is so important. I dot small vignettes using the same colourway throughout my space. Gifts are wrapped early and become part of the decor. I love how they look on the miniature sofa under the tree.

Topping the tree with a bowler hat is a family tradition, I think it adds a touch of whimsy!

Dimmer switches on all the lights give me more options for creating the right mood in the evenings. The lights above the mirrors wrap around the room and go up the staircase drawing the eye up and making the most of the 17ft. ceiling.

O.K., That gives you a quick tour of the room, now lets talk about that wreath…

DIY Peacock Wreath start with an inexpensive wreath Setting for Four

I started with an inexpensive fake wreath that I have had for years. They keep well but I don’t like how they look.

How to make a Peacock Wreath at Setting for Four

The nice thing about these wreaths is that the wired branches make it very easy to secure other fresh greens in. I start by placing cedar and pine in around the wreath.

Then I add in the magnolia branches.

Make a DIY Peacock Wreath at Setting for Four

Space them and stand back to have a look, add in single leaves to fill in dead spaces till it looks balanced to you. You can also go back and add in more cedar to cover the fake branches if they are still showing to much.

Add Peacock Feathers to a wreath at Setting for Four

The peacock feathers were the final touch, add them in as a focal point or all around whichever you prefer. I put them all around because I love how they catch the light.

Peacock Wreath DIY at Setting for Four

Here it is finished.

DIY Peacock Wreath Tutorial at Setting for Four

I tried it on the wall with a gift vignette below.

Peacock Wreath DIY Tutorial at Setting for Four

Then I placed it on our ottoman with a candle in the middle, I liked that even better.

The incorporation of the natural elements made a huge difference in the overall appeal of this wreath.

I am thinking about doing a row of them hanging from the banister… So many ideas… so little time!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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Written by Heather at Setting for Four

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  1. says

    I loved seeing Cynthia here! I browse her blog regularly…she has such great style! This room she shared is so gorgeous. Love the peacock feathers in the wreath too. Pretty and different that what we are used to seeing!

  2. says

    Cynthia has beautiful taste. I will never look at peacock feathers the same again! C-I had a magnolia tree in Jacksonville, FL when we lived there, and I LOVED IT. Everyone else seemed to ignore them down there. Great idea to use the dried leaves. Oh no, now I miss my tree :(. Beautiful girl & post!!! XO

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