DIY Cup Cozy

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Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments on my DIY Cup Cozy that I blogged about here!  As promised today I am sharing the tutorial with you. 
Easy DIY Knitted Cup Cozy with vintage buttons for yourself or for a gift! #mug #knitting 

 I really love how this cozy turned out and I just adore these beautiful vintagy buttons!  I think they really look gorgeous paired with the taupe color of this yarn.
Knitted DIY Cup Cozy Tutorial from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #cup #cozy #knit
I purchased 4 of the Latte mugs at Target last week.  I love the tall Latte size and the raised white beaded pattern too!
This Cup Cozy uses a knitting stitch called the ‘Seed Stitch’.  You can find many videos on the internet and Youtube for help.  To learn to knit and to learn knitting stitches I recommend you check out these sites:  Youtube,  Knitting Help, and The Knitting Site.  I taught myself how to knit a number of years ago from reading a beginner’s knitting book since I am a picture person.  There are many great books available at the bookstore today or check your local library.
Supplies for Mug Cozy:
Knitting supplies for DIY Cup Cozy Tutorial from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #cup #cozy #knit #craft
Vanna’s Choice Yarn, made by Lion Brand, color is ‘Linen’ – Michaels
                 Find other Vanna White yarn colors here.
Buttons Crystal/Silver – Michaels
Two Knitting needles size 4.5 mm (which is equal to US Size 7)
Embroidery needle
Thread to match yarn color
Here are a few pictures to show you how to start this project and how to knit.
1.  Two Needle Cast On Method:
Take one end of the yarn about 12 inches from the end and form a pretzel shape like this.
Vanna's Choice Yarn for DIY Cup Cozy Tutorial from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #yarn #cup #cozy #knit #craft
Instructions to make DIY Cup Cup Cozy from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #yarn #cup #cozy #knit #craft
Instructions to make DIY Cup Cup Cozy from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #yarn #cup #cozy #knit #craft
Pull the yarn through the pretzel shape to form a loop like this:
Instructions to make DIY Cup Cup Cozy from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #yarn #cup #cozy #knit #craft
Keep pulling until there is a tight loop.
Instructions to make DIY Cup Cup Cozy from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #yarn #cup #cozy #knit #craft
Take the end that is attached to the ball of yarn and pull to shorten the loop.
Place one Knitting Needle into the loop.  Pull the loop so that it is snug onto the needle. 
Instructions to make DIY Cup Cup Cozy from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #yarn #cup #cozy #knit #craft
Take your other needle and place it into the loop as well like this:
Instructions to make DIY Cup Cup Cozy from Setting for Four #diy #tutorial #yarn #cup #cozy #knit #craft 
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  1. says

    Oh my goodness. I love it! I am so not a knitter. My mom has been trying to teach me but I am all thumbs. Your taste is flawless even when it comes to cup cozies. I am also excited because this might be my first ever sighting of you on your blog. I wouldn’t have taken you for a finger nail polish kind of a girl :)

  2. says

    I am like Amy who commented above, all thumbs when it comes to knitting! My sainted Grandmother tried to teach me and I would drop stitches everywhere until even she gave up on me. I guess I will have to convince you to make these to sell and buy one, although I must compliment the tutorial you put together, the instructions were good and the pictures very clear and helpful! Thank you for sharing with us, I think it is absolutely beautiful and I want one!

  3. says

    There’s that adorable cozy that I love so much! My sister can knit, maybe I can talk her into making some. :-) I’m pinning and sharing on Facebook!

    Thanks for sharing with us on Show Off Saturday!

  4. says

    These are so fun, Heather! I’m a leftie and I think that has impaired my ability to pick up knitting despite my Mom and Grandma both being fantastic knitters. This is a cute project that would make a lovely gift. Just think, in a while you’ll be able to wrap your cozy around a REAL Tim Horton’s coffee :)


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    Wow this is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I knew how to knit, because this is just too cute, and it would make for great Christmas presents, with a cute mug filled with some tea or hot chocolate mix! I pinned it so it reminds me to learn how to knit soon lol! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!

  6. says

    I don’t know how to knit but every time I see something cute like this it makes me want to learn! Thanks for linking up your projects at The Winthrop Chronicles!

  7. says

    We need a girls long weekend! So we can blab blab about blogging and you can show me how to knit. I have the needles, ball of yarn and a book. I did it for a while and had not clue how to finish a project and make it look nice. You know we Floridians need a lot of sweaters here. LOL Just something on my bucket list. Learning to Knit!!

  8. says

    This is just lovely, I’ve gotten back into crocheting (I learned as a little girl), because it’s less stress on arthritic hands. I can’t wait to try this. Thank you for sharing.

  9. says

    Check you out!!I just saw you featured over at Tip Junkie! Congrats girl! This project was darling- so it’s well deserved!!
    xo Becca

  10. says

    Stopping by from Nifty Thrifty. I am a big knitter, and was attracted to how cute you DIY Cup cozy is. So very pretty. Lately I’ve been knitting smaller projects, so this fits right up my alley for now. Thanks for the great tutorial and links. My fingers are crossed that you’ll come on over and post this at Sunday’s Best Party tonight, sure hops so!(

  11. says

    Thanks for this tutorial! I can sew, but knitting has always been so confusing to me! My daughter has been learning from a friend, so I think we’ll try to tackle a few of these together. Thanks for linking up!

  12. says

    Heather, I just seen this post on pinterest last week, got right on to target, ordered the latte mugs and ran to michaels to get the yarn and buttons. Mugs came yesterday and just made one today. The linen on white milkglass is just stunning. Thank you, hope to see more of your ideas

  13. says

    Thanks for the tutorial, it looks great!

    However, I did run into a problem that I didn’t detect until nearly finished, and that is that the instructions for seed stitch for a beginner are not very clear. It states knit 1 purl 1, continue until the end and repeat. That is precisely what I did and thus have ended up with a 1×1 rib stitch.

    May I suggest some clarification around seed stitch? That is, knit 1 purl 1, continue until the end, and then do the opposite on the next row (purl 1 knit 1)?

    It’s still turning out lovely, though!

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