Friday, December 31, 2010

My first post!

Eek - my first post in blogland!!!  I spent some time thinking about what I should say here... Shouldn't my post be one of such significance that it would rock blogland?  Shouldn't I reveal some wickedly creative project using a sander, paint stripper, nail trim and some antique piece of furniture I 'happened' upon while thrifting?  (I never find those awesome pieces!  Dang!)  But I thought no, just keep it simple.  Just write the post, just do it, no overthinking or overanalyzing (who am I kidding!  Those are my two strongest character traits!).  So I have to just jump in.  Like the time I learned how to drive a tractor at 17 on a local farm.  And just like the time I was learning how to scuba dive and the instructor told me to take my face mask off, while underwater, and just breath through my mouth with the regulator mouthpiece- uuuuhhhhh...  I honestly didn't think I could do it.  The instructor told me I was "thinking about it too much".  And I was.  (Told you that I did too much overthinking and overanalyzing!)   He told me to just take the mask off on the count of three.  I did and I didn''t drown!!  So here I go for my first post - one, two, three!!!  So please visit me again and join me for more!

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